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Awesome Housewarming Gift Ideas

Surprize your friends or neighbours bringing cheer to their new home with the great housewarming gift presents that we picked from around the web. Explore our housewarming gift ideas and ways to create a really cozy space with home decor accessories, lights and clocks, kitchen and cooking tools and many more.

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Tip: housewarming gifts have to be expensive, suitable for long-term use and intended for use by the whole family. For example, this may be something for home usage — tableware, furniture, kitchenware. From ancient times, there was a tradition of giving new homeowners items holding their own special meaning: salt, bread, sugar, wine, honey, broom, coin, candle.

So, what shall you choose?

When choosing home decor gifts for a housewarming party, you must take into account size of the accommodation in the first place. The inhabitants of a small apartment would not want to get large presents such as large flowers in pots or floor vases, it would be much smarter to get them some cute little trinkets. And for a large house or mansion, you can buy something bulky, for example, if the house has a garden, a perfect housewarming present would be decorative plants or a garden sculpture.

If you are going to the party in a small apartment, prefer unusual and stylish frames for photos, beautiful candlestick, keyholder or some beautiful statue.

Necessary and useful gift for the home can be an original and funny doormat. Let it be in the form of a manhole cover, owl or with a cheerful smiley. And be sure, the new homeowners will be very pleased.

Another appropriate home present would be a tool set. they are often needed in the new house: it is necessary to hang a shelf, nail a picture to the wall.

Cookware and kitchen utensils and gadgets are always handy to have in the new house. The most popular are the coffee and tea sets, dessert dishes, glasses, salad bowls. Any hostess would be glad to have original jars for cereals and spices, miniature kitchen mill.

The clock is considered to be a symbol of change. It is the awesome home interior gift. You can choose the wall, floor or desk clock — the choice depends only on your imagination and a budget.

The beautiful pictures and photographs will serve as a wonderful wall decoration. Stylish and original boxes, chests will serve not only as the perfect interior decoration but also as another great place to store various jewelry and small items.

If your finances allow you, a good housewarming gift for new homeowners would be some home appliances item, such as an electric kettle, coffee grinder or iron. But before buying such house present make sure to check with other guests, because even though the happy hosts can find a use for two dinnerware sets, there is usually no need in an extra iron.

Finally, it’s worth adding that buying a property and moving is a colossal piece of work that requires a lot of material and moral costs. That is why, as soon as you enter into your relatives, friends or just neighbors new apartment, lavish compliments on them. Make new homeowners feel great by praising the repair done, interior design and even a lazy cat, sleeping on the couch. Try to avoid critical and appraising gaze, only a sincere admiration and praise! Make your friends a gift: believe, it is very important for the new tenants.


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